Free 5-day Challenge: Tools of Transformation


🚀 Our FREE 5-Day Tools of Transformation Challenge reveals how aspiring coaches, leaders and consultants can start to develop the skills to become confident, credible and capable coaches through NPA's transformational coaching tools.

🔥We delve into a different coaching concept, tool or model with you for a short amount of time each day during the course of the 5 days.

🌟 You will be registered for the challenge and directed to sign up to the facebook group where the challenge will take place. We’ll be starting to post in the group on Friday the week before Day 1 starts!

What you will learn

What are you going to get on the 5-day challenge if you join us:

* On day 1 you audit your coaching skills, reflect on where you are now and set an intention for the week.

* Skills and strategies to improve your coaching and development conversations

* A powerful coaching model that you can use to help people to achieve their outcomes

* Start to take the fear out of giving and receiving feedback through sharing more vulnerably

* Gain clarity around the first steps you need to take when you coach someone to have an effective coaching relationship

* A supportive Facebook community where you can engage with the other people on the challenge, ask questions and get feedback

* Guidance from expert coaches who have been where you are and can give you tips and tools to transform your coaching

Join us for just a short amount of time each day over a period of 5 days and you will experience our proven transformational models for FREE!

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