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The majority of team building we deliver is made to measure for each client and reflects the unique needs of our clients and the way we develop solutions for them.

Below are some examples that may provide ideas for you on projects that AKD Solutions could help your organisation to undertake:


Cuckoo Hall is a vibrant primary academy located in North London. We were asked to support the catering team who were experiencing a lot of change, including new staffing and new premises.

The Academy wanted to draw a line in the sand: addressing historical issues and supporting a more cohesive, disciplined and creative way of working.

AKD Solutions provided a 2-day programme that culminated in a Master Chef experience in which the children and parents were able to judge the competition. The outcomes included improved interpersonal skills, better communications and some excellent food!


Hackney Homes Participation Team was a group of employees who had experienced a challenging time. The Manager wanted to acknowledge the team’s hard work and provide space for reflection and planning. The two-year timeframe for this programme was agreed with Hackney Homes to provide a series of pit stops.

The service planning element was done using a casino theme, allowing team members to focus on what changes were crucial and would bring the greatest benefits to the customers (and best return for the organisation).

Two of the crucial outcomes to date have been greater clarity of purpose and recognising what they did best.


No One Left Behind was a programme we designed for a team in which conflict was having a marked impact on team dynamics. This had begun to spill out, splitting the team and impacting on the company’s relationship with customers.

The Manager wanted something that would force the team to work differently: to show them what they could achieve if conflicts were resolved and they worked together to achieve a common goal. So we really pushed them and created No One Left Behind.

This programme involved both classroom based and outdoor based activities. We recruited an army instructor and stunt man and challenged the team to create a zip-line over a stream and get the entire team from one side to the other.

The outcomes: aches and pains, lots of laughter and a team that came together and subsequently became far more committed to each other.

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