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Our Think Tanks provide a great opportunity to extend your network, share best practice, gain new learning, perspective and to be part of a wider community accessing a vast reservoir of experience and knowledge in a safe, confidential and supportive environment. Chatham House Rules apply to all our events. We have a number of people who join us regularly, others who attend the sessions when they can. Schedules are very busy for all our members and we appreciate the many demands on their time. This is one of the key reasons why we aim to deliver sessions that are of real value and tangible benefit that ensure it is worth their taking time out of a demanding schedule to join us. I am in contact with everyone throughout the year and we very much value that level of contact and interaction

What you will learn

What will you Gain from It?

· Experience, skill and confidence

· Real progress in your business life

· An instant and valuable support network

· A sense of shared endeavour – there are others out there grappling with the same issues!

· Design things to be the way you want them to be, not as you’ve have told they “should” be

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The Oakridge Centre
The Oakridge Centre
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Distance learning

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The Oakridge Centre

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