Pneumatics / Hydraulics


This course has been designed to provide individuals with Pneumatic and Hydraulic systems knowledge. The training is based on practical hands on teaching to develop and or improve individual’s skills and knowledge.

Supply to the system.
Pump characteristics.
The basic elements of a system.
Study of the static & dynamic system.
Control of movement.
Types of actuators - Single, double acting and rotary.
Speed control - Meter in and meter out principles.
Pressure control
Sequence circuits - Using pressure control and time control.
Understanding ISO symbols and Pneumatic and hydraulic symbols
Study of industrial circuits diagrams
Fault finding and system set up

What you will learn

To have awareness of safety issues regarding Pneumatic / Hydraulic systems.

To be able to construct a number of basic Pneumatic and Electro Pneumatic circuits by using a variety of control methods to adjust working pressure, operating speed, timed and sequenced operations.

To gain understanding of components that make up a basic hydraulic system.

To be familiar with basic maintenance considerations.

To be aware of the more common graphic symbols used in Pneumatic/Hydraulic diagrams and use them to identify the components in a variety of diagrams.

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