Business Risk and Resilience


The issues of poor resilience management are never far from the headlines - Industry needs to be ready and able to deal with potential emergencies and disruptive events; these can range from natural disasters like flooding or heavy snow to deliberate acts or attacks. Crises can happen suddenly (for example, an aircraft crash) or develop gradually (for example, a ‘flu epidemic or widespread industrial action).

Our two-day course aims to provide you with a practical integrated approach to the fundamental principles of risk & resilience management by promoting solutions not fear. It will provide the relevant knowledge and skills required for you and your business to manage resilience systematically to improve performance within all areas of your organisation.

Incorporating real case studies and interactive multimedia. This course will bring the subject to life and cater for all learning styles to enable learners to make more informed transparent decisions that become embedded in the daily operational rhythm of your organisation, to ensure you can withstand the worst.

What you will learn

Objectives of the course:

  • To understand how risk & resilience management can be used to support your organisation in achieving its objectives and targets.
  • To give you the skills to effectively assess business impacts and to select appropriate risk treatment measures to reduce uncertainty and withstand stress & catastrophe.
  • To help you understand the benefits of risk management and its relationship with crisis, contingency and business continuity management to ensure adequate preparation & planning.
  • To support you in influencing and improving a resilient culture through the framework of an integrated enterprise risk management system.
  • To ensure you understand the importance of incorporating business continuity into the risk framework to ensure your organisation can respond & recover.
  • Ensure that you and your organisation are rewarded by the theory and practical implementation learnt over the two days to embed risk & resilience into your Organisation & Communities you live and work in.
  • To provide you with an understanding of how businesses must have their own plans and capabilities for responding to an emergency.
  • To provide you with an understanding of how businesses can work with local community groups to develop a mutual resilience capability.
  • To provide you with an understanding of how businesses can work with Category 1 Responders, Category 2 Responders and Government agencies to prepare for and reduce the effects of an emergency situation.

Introduction to Risk & Resilience management principles

  • A simulated emergency scenario to engage the learners from the start.
  • Define risk & resilience management within the context of your organisation and its purpose.
  • Examine the enterprise wide inter-disciplinary approach to enterprise risk management and its contemporary application to resilience.
  • Evaluate the core elements and principles of business continuity.
  • Apply theories and processes to a diversified range of organisational contexts including your own.
  • Explore the importance of communication and culture in the risk management process.

Business Resilience management process

  • Understand risk assessment for business continuity by developing a Business Impact Analysis process and incorporating into the risk management framework.
  • Prepare and plan your key emergency, contingency and continuity plans.
  • Developing and implementing emergency response and recovery by exercising your plans
  • Building a resilient society to ensure businesses and communities are better prepared for, and able to recover from, emergencies.

Risk Management framework and embedding a positive resilience culture

  • Demonstrate and build risk management framework.
  • Demonstrate policy and strategy implementation.
  • Appreciating the importance of a positive resilience culture, how it significantly affects the capability to take strategic decisions and deliver on performance promises.
  • Discuss how to embed resilience management.
  • Outline the benefits of risk & resilience management.

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