Systems Leadership


Leading in a complex, changing, uncertain environment

• What does an effective leader do in a challenging ‘VUCA’ environment?
• What can you do when you don’t have all the answers?
• What can managers do to overcome ‘negativity’ and engage positive contributions from others in uncertain times?


Leading the Team and leading across the organisation

• What creates high team performance and engagement in challenging times?
• What can you do to increase collaborative working across the organisation?
• How do you manage your own ‘self-care’ and resilience?

What you will learn

Outcomes: On completion of training, successful candidates should be able to:

  • Understand the operating environment and customers’ changing needs.
  • Understand how to operate organisation as a system of processes rather than a hierarchy of functions.
  • Have clear and widely supported goals and strategies which support improvements focussed on increasing value for customers and improving efficiency (where appropriate)
  • Present a cultural mindset of continual improvement at all levels in order to sustain improved performance

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