Active Bystander Training


Sometimes a situation just doesn’t feel right………

It could be inappropriate comments or behaviour, it could be the way someone is being treated, you may suspect bullying or harassment.

It may be asking someone to do something they are reluctant to do but you know it is the right thing.

There are far too many times where someone could say or do something to help diffuse that situation or stand up to someone; but they don’t for a variety of reasons.

Being an active bystander means being aware of a situation and choosing to take action.

Research shows that active bystander intervention can be an effective way of stopping a wide range of behaviours that otherwise could cause some form of harm.

What you will learn

In this training, we focus on:

• What is an active bystander?
• When should we be active?
• So what stops us?
• The 4 Ds :How to feel confident and safe in being active
• Direct Action - Finding your voice and being assertive
• Delegate – Who could you turn to?
• Distract – tips and ideas
• Delay – finding the right time


What will delegates leave the sessions with?

• Supporting individuals to find their voice and to speak up or step into a problem/situation
• Learn techniques to becoming an active bystander:
o Awareness
o Recognition that someone may need help
o Body language etc, situational awareness, listening
o Feel responsible to act
• A clear understanding of The 4 D’s approach

Further information

The Oakridge Centre
The Oakridge Centre
1 Day
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Manchester, Oxford

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