Working with clients suffering from addiction using the solution focused model


Working with clients suffering from addiction using the solution focused model. (Online live Video conference)
Saturday 9th January 2021

Learning Outcomes:

This CPD will allow you to gain an insight into understanding of how to work with clients with Addictions

CPD Delivered by Carmen Harrington from Inspired To Change

What you will learn

The focus will be on:

The history of different types of addiction and the current trends.
What is an addiction and how does it differ from a habit.
How addition affects sleep.
Understanding how chemicals change in the brain with addiction.
How to create a positive mindset for long term success.
Managing client expectations and realistic goal setting.
Understanding the role of dopamine.
How to adapt the solution focused techniques to include our knowledge of addiction.
With many years as working as a busy Hypnotherapy Carmen brings you not only her experience of working with additions and her wide knowledge of this challenging subject but also the personal perspective of being a family member experiencing those close to her suffering with these difficult behaviours


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Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT)
Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT)
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Virtual delivery

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