Accurate Written Communication (Virtual)


The practical Accurate Written Communication virtual workshop is our live online training for people who write, check or send documents and emails as part of their everyday work.

Participants typically achieve a 40-60% reduction in errors.

The objectives are to:

  1. Measurably improve written accuracy
  2. Use techniques for ensuring accurate, clear and concise communication
  3. Increase 'present-mindedness' and attention to detail.

Even small errors which take next to no time to make cause long delays, misunderstandings and operational inefficiencies. There may also be serious compliance or data protection regulation breaches. Think of all the letters, emails, contracts, reports and promotional literature produced by your organisation. Even if a tiny percentage of these written communications contain an error, there is unnecessary cost and damage to your reputation.

This virtual workshop equips people with proven accuracy techniques, so their written communications are presented professionally, accurately and without omissions. This is more than a ‘proof reading’ or ‘grammar’ course. It’s about practising skills and developing a mindset which mean your documents deliver the right message, at the right time and in the right way.

Here are just two reasons we make mistakes:

  1. Workload and distractions: Heavy workloads and the fast-paced nature of modern communication mean that mistakes creep into written work. But you can still be accurate, even when working under pressure. Participants learn how to be alert to the possibility of error and how to avoid mistakes.
  2. Shape recognition: Participants swap reading skills based on shape recognition for proactive document checking techniques. A simple three-step structured approach to checking means that your documents are correct, do exactly what you intend, and are professionally presented.

Who's it for?

Accurate Written Communication is for people who spend 25% or more of their day working with any form of written communication. It is appropriate for people who read, check or prepare documentation for printing or electronic transmission.

Participants' typical job functions include:

  • Administration and Business Support
  • Customer Services and Quality Control
  • Document Processors
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Paralegals and Legal Secretaries
  • Personal Assistants.

What you will learn

Accurate Written Communication is delivered over two consecutive mornings or afternoons.

In Session 1, participants learn how to be alert to errors and how to prevent them when writing and checking letters and emails. They also learn to use a practical three-stage structured checking technique.

In Session 2, participants learn to apply accuracy techniques to their own work and how to design and use a checklist for printed and electronic documents. They also practise composing concise and clear sentences and how to apply these ideas to a range of written communication.

Content - Session 1:

  • Developing 'present-mindedness'
  • Accurate letters
  • The three-stage structured checking technique
  • 'Reading' for accuracy
  • The ABC of emails
  • Applying accuracy skills to report writing.

Content - Session 2:

  • Spotting your typical errors
  • Checking your own documents
  • Designing practical document checklists
  • Accuracy in marketing literature and social media
  • Clear, concise and correct sentences.


  1. Participants learn to apply proven accuracy techniques to their written work
  2. Results from pre-workshop and post-workshop assessments indicate the reduction in errors achieved. Typically groups achieve a reduction in errors of 40-60%
  3. The reductions in error are related to cost savings, productivity gains, and improved reputation, making it possible to calculate a significant return on investment in the training
  4. Participants understand the importance of accuracy and the consequences of error. They address typical errors in their written work
  5. Participants receive post-training resources to keep accuracy front of mind. This includes access to our online video resources, plus monthly interactive accuracy tests, designed to optimise accuracy back in the workplace.

Additional benefits of our live virtual workshops:

  1. Participants can attend from any location, globally
  2. Participants are helped to thoroughly prepare for the workshop in our 60 minute live online Preview, and review their training in our 60 minute live online Review
  3. Participants receive additional online video-based tools to sustain performance improvements, encouraging further transfer of learning to the workplace.

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