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Our mental health and wellbeing has a huge impact on our day, how we perform in work and how we endure the stresses and strains of business life to ensure we have time and energy for our personal lives’

As business owners, not only is it essential to look after ourselves, but we have a duty to take care of the people who work for and with us too.

It has been shown that happier, healthier people are more innovative and productive, take less time off and attribute more value to the bottom line which is why more and more organisations are recognising the benefits of investing in their people’s health and wellbeing, as well as their professional development.


What you will learn

This webinar will cover what stress is, what creates it and how it impacts the brain, body and the workplace, as well as simple things we can do ourselves to proactively minimise the possibility of stress and impact of stress, both on ourselves and those we live and work with.

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Mental Health In The Workplace
Mental Health In The Workplace
2.5 Hours
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Mental Health In The Workplace

The Old Schoolhouse
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