End of Life Care (Care Staff)


This End of Life care course enhances the knowledge and understand of the health and social care workers by providing information on how to support an individual in their last days of life. This course is designed for care workers to feel more confident and emotionally prepared at this difficult time, to ensure that they can deliver high quality care for individuals approaching the end of their life with compassion, competency and respect.

What you will learn

  • Outline the requirements of legislation and agreed ways of working to protect the individual at the end of life
  • Identify factors affecting end of life care
  • Define advanced care planning, its purpose and how to implement it
  • Know the role of specialist organisations and support services available to individuals and key people in relation to end of life care
  • Know how to address sensitive issues in relation to end of life care
  • Identify when support would be best offered by other members of the team
  • Identify actions to take following the death of individuals
  • Know how to manage your own feelings in relation to dying or death of individuals


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