Certificate in Professional Coaching (Blended)


The Certificate in Professional Coaching is a 16-week programme. There are 6 face-to-face days of training, 6 Virtual Forums delivered online via webinar together with coaching practice sessions and self-study. Each student is also paired with a mentor spread throughout the course, and beyond, to support your development as a coach.

Our training, both in person and online, is delivered as a mix of facilitation, lectures, demonstrations, pair work and feedback, and practice coaching sessions. We place great emphasis on practicing the skills that are taught in each session so the facilitator can give feedback and assistance in a safe environment.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Aspirant coaches - Those who are looking to help others achieve their goals and dreams. The course will equip you with the right tools to do this.

  • Coaches yet to be credentialed - You have been working as a coach and want to take it to the next level. Find the right tools to help you develop your craft, enhance your offering and get credentialed.

  • HR professionals - Coaching can provide invaluable skills to HR professionals. Go further in your career, resolve challenges, inspire those working in your team, find greater purpose in your role.

  • Leaders of teams - Gain clarity for your vision. Strengthen your goals by building a grander vision. Inspire and lead yourself and others to achieve greatness.

  • Seekers for a life that has meaning – You’re at a point in life where you’re asking, “Is there more to life than this?” You’ve been climbing a ladder leant against the wrong wall and you’re beginning to recognise this.

What you will learn

The six days of face-to-face training are made up of the Approach Module, the Ascend Module and the Elevate Module.

Approach Module 

The initial three face-to-face delivery days introduces you to the core skills of coaching and the North Point Meta-model,which is the basis of our transformational coaching philosophy. By the end of these three days, you'll gain coaching tools to help you develop deeper, more meaningful relationship for being a positive change for the world.
Total Student Contact Hours: 24 hours

Ascend Module 

A two-day face-to-face training at the mid-point of the full programme that builds on and deepens your coaching knowledge and practice. The intention on these two days is to deepen your coaching knowledge and skills by exploring our Values and Beliefs and introducing powerful coaching tools to assist us and our clients. This session builds on the core coaching skills training learned in the Approach Module, and the on-going Virtual Forums, Coaching Practice Groups and Self-Study that has been completed up to this point.
Total Student Contact Hours: 16 hours

Elevate Module

This final one-day module empowers you for your new role as an NPA coach, leading to graduation of the full Certificate in Professional Coaching and entrance to our Alumni Community. We discuss the importance of finding a niche, and introduce tools that are useful in different niches. These are also skills that will help you to prepare for your new role as an NPA in whichever sphere you are in.
Total Student Contact Hours: 8 hours

Virtual Forums 

The virtual forums focus on the practical skills of taking our clients through a set of coaching engagements - the coaching journey - starting with the initial session with a potential client right through to the closing session.
Total Student Contact Hours: 9 hours


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