Auditing Your Digital Presence - ITG151


Digital marketing has transformed the consumer purchasing process. As your competitors adjust their marketing strategy to account for changing purchasing behavior, so should you. Never has it been more important for your digital content to be clear, concise, and most importantly — measurable.

In this three-day seminar we will dissect the challenges facing enterprises today and detail assurance activities your department can use to assess the effectiveness of the controls that safeguard today’s digital presence.

By the end of this seminar attendees with have a better understanding of digital presence, the impacts of artificial intelligence and the role audit plays in assessing digital marketing efforts.


Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Internal Audit (OAG101) , IT Audit School (ITG121) or equivalent experience
Advanced Preparation: None
Learning Level: Basic
Field: Auditing
Delivery Method: Group-Live

What you will learn

1. Defining Digital Presence
• website
• social media
• email marketing
• online advertising

2. What Artificial Intelligence Has to Do With Digital Marketing – “Predicting”

3. Features of Common Digital Marketing Platforms

4. What Is Adware and What Does It Do

5. How Privacy Regulations Are Influenced by Marketing Efforts

6. Social Media Risks

7. Components of a Digital Presence Audit
• inventory of digital presence (and your leading competitor)
• business model and return on investment expectations and goals
• lead generation, outreach and closing deals
• website analytics and Google Analytics search engine assessment
• paid advertising ROI
• content generation / marketing
• social media marketing
• API’s and how they drive customers towards or away from sites “ease of use”
• company website security: registration, access, administration, content, encryption
• digital marketing cloud provider vendor assessment

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