Using Data Analytics Throughout the Audit Process – ITP410WEB


Most auditors know that data analysis can provide multiple benefits to the audit process, but the majority of audit teams are only using data analysis in very basic ways, often to support some limited aspect of field audit work. In fact, data analysis can be used to transform the effectiveness of the entire audit process, from initial high-level audit planning and risk assessment, through many aspects of testing and audit field work, to reporting findings and follow up. 

This webinar will address when, where and how to apply data analytics throughout the audit process, using practical examples of usage for each main aspect of the audit cycle. We will examine the ways in which the audit teams that have achieved the greatest success in the use of data analysis have typically evolved their usage, constantly building upon what has been done before. We will review an audit analytics maturity model that identifies the levels through which audit teams usually progress, as well as what needs to be in place to support each level. 

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