Consultative Selling Programme


We specialise in designing and delivering Consultative Selling Programmes that enable sustainable behaviour change that give maximum ROI. 

To achieve maximum ROI, we recommend tailored, blended and modular programmes which enable the salesperson to be more successful when targetting and winning higher value, more complex sales.

The Consultative Selling Programme consists of a number of interactive modules with pre and post work that is relevant to the salesperson's actual role, helping them improve their sales efficiency and effectiveness in real customer situations.

121 Coaching and a Results Presentation, by each delegate to their management, is recommended to consolidate learning and capture ROI.

Most programmes typically have 4-6 modules that are 0.5 - 1 day each, with 121 coaching.


What you will learn

  • The difference between transactional selling and The Consultative or Client-Led approach to selling
  • How buyers buy and what buyers are looking for
  • How to plan and target larger, more complex sales
  • To use best practice discovery techniques to gain a deeper understanding of their requirements
  • To achieve and maintain win-win relationships during and after the sale
  • To review and apply key content to develop a personal learning plan to help you continually grow your sales

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Marlow Sales Academy
Marlow Sales Academy
4 Days
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Manchester, Marlow, London, Bristol

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