Building a Continuous Risk Assessment Model - OAR250


This two-day seminar, we will establish a framework for auditors to build a continuous risk assessment tool that will allow them to become leading edge practitioners. The number and intensity of emerging risks that organizations are experiencing are increasing at a mind boggling pace, making the review and assurance process more difficult than ever. Auditors frequently find themselves faced with significant and strategic audit decisions. It is time for auditors to transition from a physical presence to a logical presence in order to maintain their effectiveness and ability to add value.

In this seminar, you will learn the art of defining and building a highly effective methodology to identify the key risks facing the organization on an enterprise basis and how to define these risks in terms of KRI’s (key risk iindicators). You will learn how to ensure that all of these key risks are being actively evaluated on a continuous basis in order to maintain effective governance. You will also develop and optimize a dynamic risk-based audit plan that will keep the audit function in constant contact with the key risks of the organization to maximize effectiveness and coverage while minimizing required resources. This is an interactive workshop requiring active participation in each of the key areas for participants to define, design and build each of the components to establish the basic components of a continuous/continual risk model.

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