Strengthening Personal Resilience Programme


The purpose of this programme is to strengthen resilience in individuals.  

The programme places personal resilience in the context of the workplace and explores the influences, techniques and approaches that help individuals develop and sustain personal control and resilience at work.

Its emphasis is on the prevention of stress with individuals taking responsibility themselves to approach challenging situations with robust attitudes so they remain resilient and also grow their resilience further.

The pack includes everything you need to deliver this programme as a six hour or three hour workshop and a one hour briefing.

Strengthening Personal Resilience Covers
The programme covers the following topics using discussion, theories and models of resilience and an extensive variety of activities and exercises to strengthen personal resilience:

What does resilience mean?

  • The process of being resilient.
  • What is my current level of resilience – an assessment questionnaire.
  • Why do I need to be resilient?
  • How to strengthen personal resilience by strengthening personal control over oneself, over responses to events and over responses to people.
  • Actions required to take this forward personally and professionally.

What you will learn

The learning outcomes from the programme are to:

  • Understand why personal resilience is important.
  • Understand the central characteristics of a resilient person.
  • Discover the degree of resilience that is already established in the individual.
  • Identify the threats and events of routine and exceptional daily working lives for which resilience is needed.
  • Understand how to strengthen personal resilience.
  • Understand how to embed the techniques and exercises into routine daily working lives.

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