NADC Certified Drain Surveyor Training


The NADC Certified Drain Surveyor (CDS) training course will provide CCTV operatives with the ability to fully understand the practical aspects of a CCTV investigation, the ability to accurately identify defects, apply the correct codes and to make a condition assessment of the pipe with an appropriate repair recommendation.

There is a need in the drainage industry for companies that carry out domestic and light commercial CCTV Surveys to prove their competence in the area of CCTV investigation through a recognised qualification. The NADC Certified Drain Surveyors course has been designed by the WRC in conjunction with the NADC and the National Drainage Academy. It is fully compliant with the Domestic Drain Code section of the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification 5th Edition.

What you will learn

The course content includes the following:

  • Drain ownership and sewerage law
  • Domestic drain design, drain misconnections and components
  • Drain investigation best practice
  • CCTV survey practical exercise
  • Domestic drainage classification coding
  • Condition grading and the need for drain
  • Selection and specification of the correct drain repair technique
  • Assessment will be via multiple choice questions, interpretation of drainage images and practical assessment of camera operation

Further information

Sentina Training
Sentina Training
2 Days
£380 (ex VAT)
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Bristol, Warrington

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