The Three Lines of Defence


The Three Lines of Defence Model has been recognised as a valuable mechanism to identify, assign and effectively align the work of internal auditors, risk management specialists, compliance officers, quality inspectors, fraud investigators and other risk and control professionals who together help their organisations manage risk. By bringing together these two frameworks, internal auditors are better positioned to function as a strategic part of their organisations. This course will show you what tools and best practices you need to accomplish this integration and successfully implement a cohesive, well-coordinated program.

Why attend this course?

  • Learn the common obstacles to their effective implementation
  • Define, communicate and gain commitment from the Audit Committee, senior management and other key participants
  • Explore customisation requirements for your organisation and develop action plans
  • Develop tools and techniques so you can implement your program immediately
  • Learn from how to implement a best-in-class GRC framework in your organisation
  • Discover what the information audit committees and boards are seeking from their executives about GRC
  • Cover how to work with executive management to set the appropriate “tone” for ethics, compliance, investigations, and fraud reporting, as well as for managing governance risks
  • Find out how to successfully leverage every area of your organisation to add value to the Chief Compliance Office
  • Gain the tools you need to ask the right questions to implement a GRC model in your organisation

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