The Fraud Investigations Workshop Training Week


Part 1: How to conduct a fraud investigation - The ultimate and practical investigation course for anyone who is involved in Fraud Investigations.

Part 2: Fraud resistance Strategies - The course aims to provide anyone working in any way with fraud and corruption in organisations with the resources, tools and skills to help their organisations live up to expectations. The sessions will be highly practical with case exercises and scenarios based on real experiences and interactive risk brainstorming techniques, all supported by informative lecture sessions.

This training week will provide the tools necessary to conduct and manage internal investigations into fraud and corruption and create a report to support future action, including legal action. You will learn how to perform all stages of a fraud investigation, including the planning, examining documents, looking for and collating the evidence, interviewing informants, witnesses, and potential suspects and preparing for litigation or a criminal complaint. Practical and realistic case exercises will be used throughout. Taking a holistic perspective, this course empowers auditors and risk-professionals working in an organisation to develop anti-fraud and corruption programs, find fraud and corruption early, work in teams and, most importantly, become self-reliant. True resistance to fraud and corruption requires fraud to be recognised both as a commonplace aspect of human behaviour of individuals and groups but also as one that can be managed.

Why attend this course?

  • Understand the fraud risk structure of your organisation by thinking like a thief
  • Learn to perform the critical elements and stages of a fraud investigation
  • Examine documentation, pinpoint fraudulent behaviour and collate evidence
  • Know how to respond to a whistle-blower allegation
  • Develop the investigation report, while avoiding the pitfalls of legal language and improve your technique in presenting your findings to management
  • Familiarise yourself with the types of fraud and corruption
  • Understand the reasoning and motivation of people committing fraud
  • Appreciate the importance of building fraud resistance in your organisation
  • Learn by practice to assess and address the gaps and areas of improvement in the existing anti-fraud programs
  • Acquire the skills to take your organisation far beyond “paper compliance”
  • Develop the necessary management skills for fraud resistance
  • Explore topics of motivation and trust in the context of your organisation
  • Develop a holistic, sustainable and tailored anti-fraud and corruption strategy

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