Effective Fraud Interviewing Techniques - UK-OAF216


Unethical business behaviour directly or indirectly accounts for major losses – between 2% and 5% turnover, and severely damages the reputation and morale of companies. However, despite being one of largest unmanaged risks in companies today, many managers still receive virtually no formal training in how to identify red flags, deal with them, and make sure that everything is of the standard that it could one day be used in court. The primary objective of this training week is to provide the participants with in-depth knowledge and practical experience of how to perform interviews in challenging situations. These situations will primarily be connected to audits, investigations and other related forms of internal control and risk assessments but the techniques can be used more widely to any sort of fact finding interview. Conducting interviews when there are no hidden or potentially controversial issues is relatively easy. However, the situation becomes far more complex when there are underlying problems, conflicting agendas or the person being interviewed either has something to hide or finds it difficult to talk about something. Using realistic scenarios and characters this course will combine tutorial sessions with group exercises, interviews, observation and feedback sessions. The instructors will draw on their considerable experience of these types of interview situations in the choice of examples used making the course engaging and “experiential”.

Why Attend this Course?

  • Use fraud auditing as a tool for fraud prevention and go beyond traditional internal control assessment
  • Find elusive frauds that others miss and secure, analyse and present the evidence
  • Make your organisation resistant to all forms of unethical business
  • Develop an effective personal style while playing to your strengths
  • Experience interview techniques from the inside – find out what it is like to BE interviewed
  • Understand how and where to ask the difficult and sensitive questions
  • Learn how to maintain the focus and at the same time read the verbal and non-verbal signs in an interview situation

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