Consultancy Skills for Auditors - UK-OAG115


This two day seminar covers the important skills that will help you to become an effective consultant within your organisation and the exercises that will help you practice and gain confidence using these skills.

Internal Auditors are expected to be able to provide consultancy services as well as assurance services as set out in the Institute of Internal Audit’s definition of Internal Auditing. This provides an ideal opportunity for Internal Audit (IA) to be creative and to demonstrate how it can add value, but it can also provide considerable challenges for IA to demonstrate that it has the staff skills and competencies to provide such value adding services. IA is increasingly staffed with a variety of functional expertise and global IA functions recognise the need for cross-cultural training but there is often still a need to up skill staff in a number of additional areas in order to meet the increasing expectations of IA’s stakeholders.

There are key core skills applicable to both an auditor and a consultant such as being good communicators and having good interpersonal skills. Enhancing skills in these areas and other areas such as enterprise risk management, promoting fraud awareness, the identification of red flags, the design and implementation of continuous assurance, strengthening organisational governance and ethics programme as well as the basic skills of compliance would enable auditors to more effectively add value to their organisations. Identifying where you already have a strong skills base in these areas will help you determine where you might want to specialise or where you might need to strengthen them.

This knowledge, coupled with using some of the tools and techniques commonly used by consultants to ensure that not only is key information analysed correctly and any associated issues identified but that arguments and recommendations are clearly and persuasively presented with the right level of supporting detail all increase your value to your organisation. It’s not enough to be creative, creative ideas need to be shown to be thought through and presented convincingly. Exercises will be used as appropriate throughout the two days to aid familiarisation with the topics.

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