Audit and Security of Networks, Operating Systems and Databases


In this workshop, you will learn, the principles of auditing communication networks, how to audit operating systems and system software, how to audit database and client/ server systems. The more technical areas of IT audit such as networks and databases have always been a problem area for auditors.

Just knowing where to start is a problem in itself. This course builds on the knowledge gained on the IT Audit School and provides you with the knowledge you need to tackle the more specialised areas of IT auditing. Using hands-on practical exercises based on the most common technology in use today, our course tutor will explain where the main risks are, how to plan the audit approach and how to ask the right questions when the audit takes place.

You will also receive a set of audit programmes showing you what to ask, why to ask it and what sort of findings are likely in a typical audit. At the end of the course, you will have a solid grounding in the principles of networking operating systems, database and client/server systems, and the confidence to plan and audits in these important areas.

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