Upgrade Your Marketing


Who do you think you’re talking to? Do you wonder if ANYONE is listening? Once you see that the old ways have nowhere to go but down, it becomes more imperative to create things worth talking about.

This is a new course that explodes marketing myths and gives you a new approach to your brand and your story. You’ll learn new techniques for growing your market, drawing people into your ‘Tribe’ and gaining ‘sneezers’ to sell for you.

Online marketing is the quickest way to get to market but you can waste 90% of your spend on misdirected effort. Also, you shouldn’t ignore the power of offline marketing and how your staff respond to your leads. How to manage your campaigns big or small.

Cost and effort can run away …so it needs to be targeted, tested and measurable or you’ll chase good money after bad. (This course will save you money – we guarantee it).

What you will learn

Review your current go-to-market model
Your target market – who will buy? Demographics and psychographics
Buyer types and buying behaviour
Online and offline marketing weapons
Outline Strategy and Planning templates
Your website format, profiled and measured (does it work? – how many leads?)
Your competition, trends, barriers, customer retention
Content – online and offline, media, message
Creative copy-writing
e-mail marketing
Direct Mail
The power of Video
Exhibitions – how to make them effective
Facebook Ads and Google Ads are touched on

Further information

Academy Class
Academy Class
1 Day
Scheduled dates
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London, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Vilnius

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Academy Class

12-13 Clerkenwell Green