Advanced Management Skills Module 2


This second part of the Advanced Management Skills course enables participants to use their own personality and leadership style to enhance their effectiveness as a manager to motivate and bring out the best in others.

What you will learn

• Identify how to reflect and learn from experiences in order to become more effective
• Identify and manage priorities so that they are effective in achieving results for themselves and their teams
• Understand how and when to delegate to get the best out of themselves and their teams
• Identify the different factors that motivate and demotivate people
• Identify and use techniques for motivating their team members
• Identify what constitutes employee engagement and what they can do as manager and leader to engage their team
• Identify a number of techniques that they can utilise to respond to common time management challenges
• Plan and structure a one-to-one meeting effectively to ensure a successful outcome
• Understand the different learning styles and preferences that their team has and identify a range of appropriate solutions to address their development needs
• Make effective performance judgements using a set of predefined objective criteria
• Define and set SMART objectives for their teams


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