Advanced Media Sales


Advertising Sales can often suffer from relying too heavily on long-standing clients and either an inability or reluctance to explore and drive new business opportunities. New impetus never fails to re-focus a salesperson's belief, confidence and enthusiasm for selling their product and their advertising services. This course examines different techniques and methods for dealing with client objections and demonstrates ways to reinforce the features and persuasively sell the benefits of their product. Strategies for targeting new business opportunities and developing new lead sources are explored and delegates will leave the course with a vision of how they will be able to drive their advertising sales in new, creative directions.

What you will learn

Identify and maximise new sales opportunities
Re-focus on your products key and unique selling points
- Establish and effectively communicate the benefits of your product in relation to the competition
- Turn the conversational spotlight from price to essential value creation
Take control of your negotiations in a wealth of respectful and irresistible ways
Unearth client's interests on all the vital levels
- Succinct and clear verbal communication - Building effortless rapport - Gain flexibility in responding to all customer objections - Learn how to create empowering responses to the toughest objections
Learn how beliefs are formed and how to transform beliefs with sophistication
Identifying new business opportunities
Developing a strategy to implement new business sales
Driving the new business opportunity forward

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