Advanced Investigation Skills (AIS)


This highly practical and experiential programme provides a thorough understanding of how to undertake complex investigations, providing participants with Advanced Investigation Skills.

The AIS programme is complimented by the Root Cause Analysis Programme (RCA) which is a 1 day course focussing on understanding and practising the principles, tools and techniques of root cause analysis.

What you will learn

Delegates work through how to set up an investigation and then investigate a simulated case. Over 70% of the course is spent carrying out an investigation based around a highly realistic case study which we tailor to reflect the real situations your staff may investigate.

By the end of the programme, delegates will be able to:

1. Explain the principles and structured process to adopt when investigating an incident/complaint.

2. Construct terms of reference which clearly state the scope of the incident/complaint.

3. Identify the questions to be answered and issues to be addressed from the data/information, including identifying appropriate and valid sources of data and information relating to the incident/complaint.

4. Describe the conversational framework for interviewing and apply the approach in practice.

5. Develop and maintain communication with people about difficult matters and/or in difficult situations.

6. Collate and analyse data and information gathered, in particular: establish and differentiate facts, apply logic to the data gathered, use analytical tools and gain insights from working with the data.

7. Interpret, appraise and synthesise the data and information appropriately and identify:
• Consistency and inconsistency
• Any limitations in the analyses used and continually hold the issues raised open to question

8. Write a comprehensive report in accordance with the standard report structure, including the development of justifiable and realistic conclusions and recommendations, directly related to the terms of reference and which contribute to improving quality and services.

9. Identify where the skills and knowledge can be applied to other general managerial contexts.

10. Speak knowledgeably and clearly from within this field of practice.

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