Microsoft Project 2016 Advanced


The aims of this course are to develop your skills to make sophisticated and efficient use of
Project tools. You will work with a scenario involving multiple projects sharing a resource
pool. You will learn how to manage resources throughout the project’s life, how to manage
and customise a variety of graphical reports to meet specific requirements and how to
export data to other applications.

What you will learn

1 Manage Resource Details


To enable you to develop skills in resource management and understand some of the more
complex resource management features.

On completion of this session you will be able to

 Learn how to enter different types of resources
 Manage resource availability over the project duration
 Manage workload and over-allocated resources
 Work with material resources

2 Working with multiple projects


To enable you to plan and control multiple projects from a master plan, and create links
between projects.

On completion of this session you will be able to

 Learn how to insert a new project
 Decide on the type of link to create
 Learn how to view resources from linked plans
 Be able to link tasks across projects

3 Sharing resource information with a Resource Pool


This session aims to introduce the concept of a resource pool, and the method for creating a
resource pool and linking plans to it, so that resources are shared across projects. Also to see
how tasks have been allocated to the resources in your pool, and identify any overallocations.

On completion of this session you will be able to

 To understand when to use a resource pool
 Learn how to create a pool from an existing plan
 Be able to link plans to a resource pool
 Use Resource Usage to view to see assignments
 Learn how to update assignments in a sharing project file

4 Create a project budget


To enable you to adapt project views to report the information you need, and to work with
budget resources to enable you to view actual spend against overall budget.

On completion of this session you will be able to

 Be able to use budget resources
 Show Project Summary task
 Learn how to customise views
 Be able to create fields
 Use custom groups

5 Analysing project status


To introduce detailed methods of examining the health of your project, including isolating
slipping tasks and getting detail on costs. Also introducing the concept of Earned Value
Analysis and how to use it to assess your project’s performance.

On completion of this session you will be able to

 Be able to view variance on task and resource costs
 Produce a customized report on costs
 Understand the term Earned Value Analysis
 Know how to view Earned Value indicators and produce reports

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