Candidate Generation/Resourcing


This Resourcer training day goes beyond sourcing, profiling and qualifying the best talent to provide knowledge and skills on how to fully engage candidates and confidently present them. We can tailor the course to for your company needs.

In company upto 12 delegates

What you will learn

Setting the scene

What is ‘Proactive Resourcing’?

When is ‘Proactive Resourcing’ appropriate?

What are the benefits of ‘Proactive Resourcing’?

The importance of a ‘Qualified’ Job Requirement

Setting up the Bargaining Arena (Client)

Identifying where to ‘source’ candidates

Finding ‘Source’ companies

Mapping your market

Database Update Call

Networking & Referrals techniques

How to use ‘Social Media’ to gain a competitive advantage

Top Motivators for moving

Why people move and motivating factors

Turning Names into Potential Candidates

How to utilise the ‘Direct Sourcing’ call to approach potential candidates

Handling candidate objections

SMART Resourcing

‘Profiling’ and ‘Qualifying’ candidates

Setting up the Bargaining Arena (Candidate)

The ‘counter offer’

Identifying potential ‘Deal Breakers’

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Lander Consultancy
Lander Consultancy
1 Day
On demand
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In Company, National/International

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