Information Design Tool II (BOID20)


This course covers those aspects of design which will further exploit the power of a Business Objects universe. Training focuses on how to avoid known design issues and how to optimize performance when building universes using the Information Design Tool, using hands-on practical work to embed skills and techniques.

What you will learn

  • Resolve or avoid incorrectly calculated values arising from Chasm traps.
  • Resolve or avoid incorrectly calculated values arising from Fan traps.
  • Use Aggregate Awareness and Aggregate Navigation to optimise performance where pre-aggregated data tables are available in the data source. 
  • Use Aggregate Awareness to provide the optimum solution for 2-Tabel Fan traps, making use of Business Objects most efficient algorithms.
  • Use Aggregate Awareness to resolve the ambiguous outer join.
  • Create universes from a variety of different data sources.
  • Create multi-source enabled Data Foundations to allow a single universe to access more than one data source.
  • Deploy universes in different languages using the Translation Management Tool.
  • Use Data Foundation Views to more easily manage complex schemas.
  • Use Business Layer Views to assist in setting up Security Profiles.
  • Use Project Synchronisation to allow project resources to be developed and managed effectively by multiple people.

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