Luna Suicide Bereavement Training for Early Years Practitioners


Luna Suicide Bereavement Training for Early Years Practitioners is designed for anyone who works with children aged five and under. The three-hour session will provide practical tips, knowledge and confidence to help to reduce the long-term emotional and psychological impact faced by children in early years who lose a parent, or other significant person, to suicide.

This is the only training in the UK that specifically addresses the unique impact of losing a parent or primary carer to suicide during childhood, the risks associated with that unique loss and evidence-based advice on providing timely and effective support.

What you will learn

The training will be delivered by Anna Wardley, CEO and founder of Luna. Motivated by her own lived experience, Anna has carried out international research on improving the support for children after a parent dies by suicide. She published her Churchill Fellowship report, entitled Time to Count, in December 2021.

We will share:

  • how young children grieve
  • how you can best support children and their families after a parent dies by suicide
  • how to communicate with young children about loss and death
  • what age-appropriate resources are available
  • how to look after yourself.

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