Conducting Outcome and Person-focused Enquiries and Investigations


This 2-day course supports staff who need to consider the requirements of the new Care Act 2014 and competently plan enquiries focused on the adult at risk and their outcomes while being robust, defensible and fair.

Participants examine how to plan their enquiry, gather and analyse evidence, and produce a well structured evidence-based report that supports appropriate decision making and action planning. This course provides your organisation with the ability to demonstrate best practice, as the course structure and content is underpinned by the Government’s six safeguarding adults principles, the National Safeguarding Adults Competencies Framework and other relevant standards.

Pivotal to the classroom programme is a case study. Participants work in small groups through the key components of assessing risk, planning, gathering and analysing evidence and report writing. The programme also looks at the safeguarding manager’s role in supporting effective decision-making and protection planning that addresses on-going risk and harm.


The Care Act 2014 places adult safeguarding on a clear statutory footing, with the Government setting out national standards and expectations about how those at risk of abuse and neglect should be supported and safeguarded. Organisations need to react to the revised requirements quickly. This programme responds to that need.

What you will learn

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively with other agencies and understand the roles and parameters of other agencies;
  • Demonstrate their ability to plan an enquiry;
  • Consider how to focus on the needs and wishes of the adults at risk while ensuring a fair and balanced enquiry;
  • Consider how to focus on the principles of Making Safeguarding Personal and outcomes for the adult at risk;
  • Understand and use a range of different techniques, fitting the approach to proportionately suit the concern and the adults at risk’s wishes,
  • Explore how to draft concise and evidence-based reports.

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