Chairing Safeguarding Adults Meetings


Chairing Safeguarding Adults Meetings is a 1-day course that hones the skills of delegates so they have the skills and competencies to chair key safeguarding meetings effectively. It is designed primarily for Managers involved in Adult Social Care whose responsibilities include chairing these meetings.

With a strong focus on strategy meetings and case conferences, this course offers practical and experiential learning, underpinned by the National Safeguarding Adults Competencies Framework and other relevant standards.


The public profile of adult care has become much more visible with increasing pressure placed on the industry to raise standards. Two vital elements that have emerged are (i) the ability to identify and protect adults deemed to be at risk and (ii) the maintenance of clear audit trails to consistently demonstrate “best practice” on the part of the organisation responsible for each individual’s care.

This course helps organisations to achieve both elements so adults are supported by highly competent staff with the appropriate knowledge and skills to chair meetings confidently. This, in turn, enables responsible agencies to work cohesively to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Chairing Safeguarding Adults Meetings focuses strongly on the (consultation) statutory guidance accompanying the Care Act 2014. This knowledge base is applied in a practical way by using simulated case studies (supported by actors) to provide delegates with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

What you will learn

By the end of the programme participants will have:

  • Reflected on the skills / competencies required for chairing forums;
  • Understood the purpose / difference between strategy and case conference meetings, and demonstrated how to manage the process;
  • Discovered how to ensure meetings are inclusive, focusing on the needs of the adult at risk and the person alleged responsible;
  • Demonstrated defensible decision-making and how to produce robust, person-centred safeguarding plans;
  • Learn how to lead meetings to balance the individual’s right to choice and independence with management of risk;
  • An appreciation of the principles of natural justice / their application within case conferences.

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