Social Media: Risks & Rewards In The Workplace


Social Media: Risks & Rewards In The Workplace is an introductory ½ day workshop to support organisations taking their first steps on the use of social media to enhance the customer experience. It is designed to help delegates think creatively about the possibilities that social media can offer, balanced by understanding how to manage the risks it can present.

The benefits of this course are heightened when you have people from Marketing / PR / Communications, Customer Service, HR, Legal and related departments whose team(s) are involved in direct and indirect customer-facing situations.


Many organisations have become caught up with the fever around social media without fully examining and assessing the risks that come with the potential rewards. In some cases, they have very quickly placed themselves in difficult situations because of a lack of understanding.

Social Media: Risks & Rewards In The Workplace focuses on protecting your organisation and avoiding the pitfalls and trip-ups, before establishing an appreciation and understanding of how organisations can successfully use social media to engage with customers.

What you will learn

By the end of the workshop delegates will have:

  • Established what Social Media is and what it covers;
  • Identified the benefits and potential risks to their organisation;
  • Studied examples from different industries;
  • Learn how to develop a social business model;
  • A solid understanding of how to use different strategies and tools, including engagement maps;
  • Developed “Action Plans” for their workplace. 

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