Investigating Skills


Investigating Skills comprises two options for employees who are involved in investigations as part of their job role / responsibilities. Both courses are designed so participants emerge more confident and competent to undertake resolution focused, factually-based investigations.

We offer 1 and 2-day courses: the 1-day course is for employees with some investigation experience while the 2-day course builds in more time for skill development (to cater for those new or relatively new to investigations).

Both courses are built around participants undertaking a case study, during which they will work through the various phases of an investigation. We have a library of case studies that can be used or clients can supply material relevant to their organisation (so we can build a case study for use on their course).


After completing this course your employees will be equipped to undertake simple and complex investigations. The course can be tailored to address a specific procedure or made more generic so participants can apply their skills across a range of processes.

Investigating Skills is designed to be underpinned by your procedures and existing processes. We combine this with our significant experience of delivering training programmes for different industries, to provide your team with a range of models for assessing risk and planning investigations. This includes adapting interview skills to handle different types of investigation.

What you will learn

By the end of the workshop participants will have:

  • Reflected on the importance of the role and what they bring to the process;
  • Understood what different stakeholders want from the process;
  • Learn how to plan an investigation;
  • Understood how to assess risk, gather evidence and make sound professional judgements;
  • Acquired the skills to conduct thorough, effective and sensitive interviews;
  • Drafted concise, balanced, evidence-based responses and reports so they can apply these in their workplace.


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