Equally Yours (Diversity & Inclusion Training)


Equally Yours™ is one of the most dynamic, interactive and effective learning experiences available for diversity and inclusion. Brought to life by our powerful learning map, this training solution is for those who want diversity and inclusion to be integral to their organisation and need a training solution to match that aspiration.

The training is refreshing, inclusive and breaks the mould with regards to how many people experience or perceive equality training.

Equally Yours™ allows participants to increase their understanding of legislation, explore how they would manage a range of real life scenarios, and discuss different stereotypes and issues in a fun, vibrant and safe environment.


This course uses a serious game to engage participants in the learning experience, the session is brought to life by our powerful learning map and can be used with up to 15 people in a session split into teams. Teams navigate around the learning map answering questions, discussing real life scenarios and considering diversity and inclusion dilemmas with the team that travels the furthest winning the game. 


Virtually all organisations now have diverse workforces and customers.

We appreciate that diversity and inclusion are a challenging subject that many people are reluctant to engage with. However, if you want to be authentic it’s important that you can be bold, frank and honest in your approach. By doing so, you are more likely to gain the trust of staff and customers alike.

Our approach means that myths can be dispelled, staff can reflect on why they think and behave in a certain way, and understand what the organisation expects of them in developing a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

What you will learn

Learning objectives will vary according to your audience but can include:

  • Developing a deeper understanding and confidence when managing issues of diversity and inclusion;
  • To explore individual and collective perceptions, thinking and behaviour and the impact on diversity and inclusion
  • To increase knowledge of legislation, policy and guidance and the impact on decision making, systems and conduct
  • An enhanced understanding of how diversity adds vibrancy and real value to the workplace.

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