Enhancing Customer Experience (Customer Service Training)


Enhancing Customer Experience™ is an innovative training solution for organisations passionate about delivering a brilliant customer experience. This customer service training provides a fun, interactive and challenging method of learning to help participants gain a greater insight of their role and take ownership for creating a great customer experience.


The objective is for everyone to have customer experience at the core of your business.

We recommend up to 15 people in a session split into teams. The teams navigate towards the centre of the board by responding to questions and case studies. Some of the questions are generic to explore principles that are transferable, other questions are created for your organisation (to drill down on specific issues which are pertinent to making changes that can have a big impact on improvements).

Enhancing Customer Experience is a very flexible tool and can be used by all staff, from senior management to frontline teams, for 2 hours to a whole day. It is particularly beneficial for training, team building and recruitment needs, not least because the content is designed specifically for your organisation.


What you will learn

Participants will learn to:

  • Take ownership for creating great customer experiences and delivering great customer service 
  • Appreciate how their role impacts the customer experience 
  • Understand the importance of delivering an excellent customer experience and how this affects the success of your organisation 

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