Transforming Conflict Resolution


This one day course is designed to assist organisations in the handling of conflict and developing strategies to stop minor issues escalating into major situations.

It takes participants through the journey of understanding what conflict is, how they personally respond to conflict and strategies for handling conflict more confidently and positively.


Conflict is a scary subject. So we applied our mantra of “People learn more when they’re having fun”. Participants work in teams and progress through a series of questions that help them in building their understanding of conflict. The tool includes case studies which allow the principles to be applied to workplace issues. This programme takes a day but that day is transformation for those who participate.


Conflict is almost inevitable in the workplace but handled correctly it can help to address long-standing issues within an organisation, with highly positive outcomes across the business for all concerned.

When handled poorly conflict, can be expensive to resolve, may seriously affect the workplace environment, incite a culture of blame and mistrust, affect productivity and result in the loss of valuable employees.

All of which underpins the way we designed Transforming Conflict Resolution, so it provides a solid base for individuals to handle conflict more comfortably and confidently (guaranteeing gain, rather than pain). The course content and structure also helps individuals to create a culture for change within organisations so persistent causes of conflict are identified; allowing strategies and processes to be implemented to avoid the same issue occurring again.

What you will learn

By the end of this course participants will have:

  • The knowledge to define and understand what conflict is;
  • The ability to identify different types of conflict;
  • A clearer understanding of how and why people react to situations where conflict may arise;
  • Better awareness of emotional and behavioural issues in the workplace;
  • Developed effective strategies for resolving different types of conflict.

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