Getting it Write!!


Getting It Write is a 3-hour workshop for managers and staff who are responsible for drafting responses to complaints. The principle aim of this workshop is to ensure delegates are better equipped and confident to draft responses.

The workshop also considers ways to develop a more resolution focused approach that reduces the likelihood of escalation and turn potentially negative situations into positive ones.


Complaints have increased in recent years as customers now utilise both traditional and modern methods of registering their disquiet.

The potential to damage reputation is obvious, so this course is designed to help organisations step up a gear to deal with complainants quickly, and in a manner that provides auditable evidence of best practice that stands up to public scrutiny.

Getting It Write ensures the quality of responses are balanced, factually correct and resolution focused. The benefits will be quicker resolutions and increased trust from customers. At the end of this highly practical course participants receive a swatch which has key tips for responding to complaints (which serves as a simple but highly effective aide memoir).

What you will learn

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Understand what customers want from the process;
  • Appreciate why focusing on resolution leads to better responses;
  • Know how to construct a response that is resolution focused and evidence based;
  • Have learnt ways to improve learning for all involved in the process.

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