Complaints Are Like Medicine… (Complaints Training)


Complaints Are Like Medicine, sometimes hard to swallow but good for you.


Complaints are like medicine is a 3-hour workshop for senior and middle managers. This complaints management training provides the core knowledge and strategies to transform how complaints are managed. The course is very interactive and focuses on the key cultural and procedural factors that can bring significant improvements for customers and the organisation.


Organisations are now placing greater emphasis on customer experience. But customer experience is often defined, when things go wrong and how the organisation responds. How many organisations can you think of, have a reputation for great complaints handling? If your organisation is passionate about a great customer experience, they must be passionate about great complaints handling.

The course is based on getting participants to answer 5 key questions. Each delegate gradually completes their prescription that provides the key things they must do to achieve the desired improvements.

The course supports behavioural, cultural and procedural changes in a way that is engaging, easy to understand and will result in quick and sustainable improvements.

What you will learn

By the end of the workshop participants will have:

  • Defined what the customer experience should be when things go wrong
  • Establish what underpins a good complaints process
  • Understand the benefits of focusing on resolution
  • Know how to increase learning from complaints for their team/organisation
  • Reflected on behaviour and mindsets that encourage good complaints handling

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