NodeJS – Zero To HERO


NodeJS is the powerful application and server technology that is radically changing the workflows of modern developers. As a totally free technology, NodeJS allows developers to create native software and servers entirely through programming in JavaScript. This makes developing products using the latest technologies like Web Sockets, HTTPs and creating dynamic content with the express framework a very simple process.

NodeJS is a modular tool which means you are entitled to use freely available units that already offer highly advanced solutions to many common problems and can be used with the minimal amount of code. To date, there are over 200,000 free modules that produce almost any part of the workflow as an existing off-the-shelf solution. This can radically reduce development time and costs and is why NodeJS has become one of the largest free server platforms to date used in the development of modern web applications.

What you will learn

JavaScript basics
Developing NodeJS modules
File handling and REPL
Managing processes
Building a RESTful API with Express and a template engine
Web Sockets, TCP, HTTP, HTTPs
Debugging Node applications and Unit Testing

Further information

Academy Class
Academy Class
4 Days
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London, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Vilnius

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Academy Class

12-13 Clerkenwell Green