Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate level


The aim of this course is to develop your skills and confidence in Excel to allow you to take
advantage of a wider range of spreadsheet functions.

On completion of this module you should be able to

  • Control how your spreadsheet is displayed on your screen
  • Group and outline data
  • Apply formatting that depends on the data
  • Create formulas and use functions
  • Protect your workbook and formulas
  • Create and format charts

What you will learn

1 Rows, Columns and Formatting


This session aims to give you full control over how rows and columns are displayed, and
what parts of your spreadsheet are made visible at any time. Also to control how data is
displayed depending on certain conditions.

On completing this session you should be able to

  • Manage the display of rows and columns
  • Format a range of cells
  • Apply conditional formatting

2 Sorting, Filtering and Data Validation


This session aims to develop an understanding of the sorting, filtering and data validation
tools, to enable you to get quality data input and arrange it to suit your purposes.

On completion of this session you should be able to

  • Use the sort function
  • Apply filters
  • Set up data validation
  • Apply sub-totals and use outlines

3 Formulas and functions


This session enables you to create formulas and use Excel functions to calculate results from
your data, and also to understand error messages.


  • Understand how to address cells
  • Use arithmetic operators to create basic formulas
  • Use absolute and relative cell references
  • Create formulas using Excel functions
  • Understand Excel error messages.

4 Manage access to your workbooks and formulas


This session enables you to protect your formulas from being edited by users of your
workbooks, and to determine who can access your workbooks.

On completing this section you should be able to

  • Know how to protect cells
  • Know how to limit access to your workbook

5 Charting


This session aims to enhance your use of Excel charts by working with multiple data series,
more chart types, and more detail on chart elements.

On completing this section you should be able to

  • Select appropriate chart types
  • Format chart elements
  • Save custom chart types
  • Create combined charts

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