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In its short history, WordPress has become the platform of choice for millions of sites worldwide. Initially a blogging engine like Blogger and Tyepad, WordPress has grown to become a full content management system deployed in sophisticated environments from community to government to private enterprise. But for all its power, the appeal of WordPress is in its simplicity and ease of use, demanding very little of the web newbie while allowing those with more savvy to take it to new heights.


What you will learn

This course will provide you with sufficient knowledge to create a simple blog and website using WordPress. We’ll take you through the initial concepts before explaining how to set up an account on and create a new site from scratch. Once your site has been setup, we’ll take you through the many WordPress settings and options before creating pages and posts, drafting and publishing, uploading images and formatting your content with some simple HTML and CSS. We’ll then explain how to select and activate a theme, adjust any available options, set menu items and ensure the site is optimised for search engine results.

By the end of the day you’ll be a little tired but you will have created your own WordPress site and understand the process well enough that you can do it again! This course will provide you with sufficient knowledge to adapt a basic WordPress theme for use in your organisation or project. At the end of the course you should understand how WordPress is constructed and be able to apply, modify and create child (secondary) themes with support from other resources we’ll point you to along the way. There are some complex issues here and you should not expect to walk away an expert after just one (or two) day/s but you should have enough confidence to take what you’ve learned and begin to apply it to your own work.

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Academy Class
1 Day
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London, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Vilnius

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12-13 Clerkenwell Green