Master Class in Complaints Management (Complaints Training)


The course will support your organisation to make significant improvements to the way complaints are managed. Complaints are core to customer experience and relevant staff must be equipped to support the organisation by delivering high standards of complaints management.


  • Increasing the knowledge of Complaints and Customer Service professionals
  • Improving the confidence of Complaints and Customer Service professionals
  • Developing a better experience for your customer
  • Encouraging better support for managers and staff


This programme is designed for Complaints and Customer Service professionals.



Organisations appreciate that positive customer experience is crucial, but often don’t understand the correlation with complaints. Handling complaints in the right way is core to improving customer experience, and staff must be equipped to deliver the very highest standards of complaints management. This course delivers exactly that!

Our Master Class In Complaints Management combines key theories and contemporary research with our significant experience of complaints handling across many industries.

Delegates who attend this course will enable your organisation to make significant improvements in the way complaints are managed, so they can deliver immediate and sustainable improvements.

What you will learn

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Have an increased understanding of their personal impact on the organisation
  • Understand how to influence positive changes, cultural and procedural
  • Be able to provide strategies for making significant improvements to the complaints process
  • Be effective in managing and analysing complaints and taking the most appropriate action to prevent escalation where possible and manage risk
  • Be able to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge of the full range of dispute resolution options
  • Understand how to draft resolution focused responses
  • Be able to develop strategies for increasing learning from complaints throughout the whole of the organisation
  • Have an understanding of future trends in how organisations will interface with their customers, including social media

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AKD Solutions
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National , International, Saudi (Riydah)

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